Does your workforce struggle with:

  • Positively receiving feedback

  • Silos/working independently

  • Engagement, inspiration, and passion at work

  • Knowing how they contribute to the organization

  • Information overload

  • Staying focused

  • Adapting to changes

  • Taking initiative and being resourceful

We know what it is like to feel stuck. After three years of study and research of human dynamics in the workplace we are offering you solutions to the 7 modern-day traps in a transformative training course.


Think of it in terms of this metaphor. We are in a boat with our team determined to reach our destination. But our boat has holes in it... Read on

The answer is not rowing faster and harder. This will only cause us to sink sooner. The answer lies in patching the holes in our boat first before we even start rowing. The Trapologist at Work workshop will identify and patch your holes at work.

The Trapologist at Work™ framework is unique and effective because it teaches you the restraining forces [traps] that are keeping you from achieving your goals and reaching your dreams. Most workshops do the opposite. They offer initiatives and to-dos to your already overwhelmed life.

Register today and say goodbye to temporary quick fixes and band aid solutions.



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1 - Busyness - drowning in the thick of thin things.

2 - Procrastination - idling in the status quo.

3 - Ego - maintaining a façade of perfection.

4 - Trigger - allowing emotions to taint your perspective.

5 - Silo - operating as an independant on a team.

6 - Settling - losing passion and inspiration in your work.

7 - Myopia - failing to see the big picture.


Register today and start patching the gaping holes in your organization.


“Trap Tales is a Triumph!'“ - Ken Blanchard

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